IRB 6660FX

ABB has been developing robot-based press automation solutions for nearly two decades.

Its latest solution, the IRB 6660FX, is a rapid and flexible transfer system for medium size parts. Identical in design to ABB’s large part transfer system, the IRB 7600FX, the IRB 6660FX is a perfect complement to ABB’s parts transfer offering.

Suitable for both new and existing press lines, a dual action unit has been integrated into the IRB 6660 to create a 7-axis robot, which allows medium size parts to be transferred rapidly along a linear path. As a result, vibrations created when parts are rotated 180° by a conventional 6-axis robot are eliminated. The system is also equipped with integrated dynamic model control to coordinate all seven axes to ensure optimum speed, accuracy and lifetime.


IRB 6660FX


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