KR 1000 titan

The KR 1000 titan is our powerful robot for heavy loads. The six-axis robot moves very heavy parts and components safely and precisely, even over long distances.

The KR 1000 titan is the first six-axis robot with an open kinematic system and an unparalleled payload capacity. It masters the handling of heavy loads over distances of up to 6.5 meters precisely and quickly. Engine blocks, stones, glass, steel beams, components for ships and aircraft, marble blocks, precast concrete parts – all of these heavy loads are no problem for the KR 1000 titan. For special areas of application, we offer the Foundry variant with the best reach/payload ratio or the version as a palletizing robot for heavy loads of up to 1.3 tonnes.


KR 1000 titan data overview

KR 1000 L950 titan PA KR 1000 L750 titan F KR 1000 L750 titan
Category Heavy Duty (240-1300 kg) Heavy Duty (240-1300 kg) Heavy Duty (240-1300 kg)
Construction type Palletizing Robots Standard Standard
Extension 1 Standard Standard Standard
Extension 2 Standard Standard Standard
Version environment Standard Standard Standard
Environment version extension Standard Foundry Standard
Payload 950 kg 750 kg 750 kg
Total load 1000 kg 800 kg 800 kg
Maximum reach 3601 mm 3601 mm 3601 mm
Number of controlled axes 4 6 6
Position repeatability ±0,01 mm ±0,1 mm ±0,1 mm
Weight 4740 kg 4750 kg 4740 kg
Mounting positions Floor Floor Floor
Ambient temperature 5 °C to + 55 °C 10 °C to + 55 °C 10 °C to + 55 °C
Controller KR C4 KR C4 KR C4
Protection class IP 65 IP 65 IP 65
Protection class inline wrist IP 65 IP 67 IP 65



High dynamic performance

The KR 1000 titan handles the heaviest workpieces and components precisely and safely. With high speed and dynamic acceleration, it ensures optimal cycle times.

Enormous productivity

Thanks to the accuracy of the KR 1000 titan robot, you can improve your manufacturing quality and reduce costs. The low interference contours extend the effectively usable work envelope.

Greater flexibility

The KR 1000 titan offers versatile application options: as a palletizer or combined with linear axes, you can increase your flexibility. It can be integrated into existing systems easily and without the need to adapt the foundations.


  • Palletizing
  • Other handling operations
  • Packaging and order picking
  • Handling for other machines
  • Plastics processing machines
  • Measuring, testing and inspection
  • Metal die-casting machines, foundry works
  • Forging plants
  • Cutting machine tools
  • Spot welding
  • Fastening
  • Inserting, mounting
  • Other assembly/disassembly operations
  • Application of adhesives and sealants
  • Other coating operations
  • Laser cutting
  • Machining
  • Other machining operations
  • Waterjet cutting


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