KR 700 PA

The KR 700 PA is your ideal palletizer for heavier payloads. With its enormous reach and compact design, it adapts perfectly to every application. No matter what you use it for: optimal cycle times are assured.

The KR 700 PA processes your production at high speed with powerful motors and gear units. Even with payloads of 700 kilograms, it manages an impressive 17 work cycles per minute. In this way, the high-speed champion can even palletize whole layers effortlessly.


KR 700 PA data overview

KR 700 PA arctic
Category Heavy Duty (240-1300 kg)
Construction type Palletizing Robots
Extension 1 Standard
Extension 2 Standard
Version environment Standard
Environment version extension Standard
Payload 700 kg
Total load 750 kg
Maximum reach 3320 mm
Number of controlled axes 4
Position repeatability ±0,08 mm
Weight 2850 kg
Mounting positions Floor
Ambient temperature -30 °C to + 10 °C
Controller KR C4
Protection class IP 65
Protection class inline wrist IP 65



Fast and precise

With its maximum reach of 3,320 millimeters, the KR 700 PA adapts perfectly to any application. Thanks to its robust design and powerful motors, it performs every palletizing task at full speed and with maximum precision.

Maximum opening

With a 60-millimeter opening, the KR 700 PA offers plenty of space for the energy supply systems. This allows all common types of hollow-wrist dress packages to be routed in the protected interior of the arm, with easy access for quick exchange when necessary.

Low maintenance costs

The design of the KR 700 PA enables extremely long maintenance intervals, thus keeping maintenance costs low. It faces up to challenges such as dust and water spray with its standard protection rating IP 65.


  • Palletizing
  • Other handling operations
  • Packaging and order picking


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