Top performance with a high power density: the specialized process robots of the KR CYBERTECH nano product family are perfectly tailored to handle small components. Benefit from maximum diversity for greater economical flexibility with minimum investment and energy costs.

The industrial robots of the KR CYBERTECH nano family are optimized for handling small components, assembly, palletizing and arc welding. They can be controlled with the KR C4 compact or KR C4 smallsize-2.

The very fine payload intervals of six, eight and ten kilograms and the nine perfectly coordinated robot types mean that you can select precisely the robot you actually need – for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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KR CYBERTECH nano data overview

KR 10 R1420 HP KR 8 R1620 KR 6 R1820 HP
Category Low Payloads (5-20 kg) Low Payloads (5-20 kg) Low Payloads (5-20 kg)
Construction type Standard Standard Standard
Extension 1 Standard Standard Standard
Extension 2 Standard Standard Standard
Version environment Standard Standard Standard
Environment version extension High Protection Standard High Protection
Payload 10 kg 8 kg 6 kg
Total load 20 kg 18 kg 16 kg
Maximum reach 1420 mm 1620 mm 1820 mm
Number of controlled axes 6 6 6
Position repeatability ±0,04 mm ±0,04 mm ±0,04 mm
Weight 160 kg 165 kg 168 kg
Mounting positions Angle / Ceiling / Floor / Wall Angle / Ceiling / Floor / Wall Angle / Ceiling / Floor / Wall
Ambient temperature 5 °C to + 45 °C 5 °C to + 45 °C 5 °C to + 45 °C
Controller KR C4 smallsize-2 / KR C4 compact KR C4 smallsize-2 / KR C4 compact KR C4 compact / KR C4 smallsize-2
Protection class IP 65 IP 54 IP 65
Protection class inline wrist IP 67 IP 54 IP 67



Utmost precision

The industrial robots of the KR CYBERTECH nano family offer a repeatability of 0.04 millimeters. They therefore take full advantage of their strengths even at high speed.

Streamlined and compact

Maximum performance with minimal disruptive contours: the new robots are extremely compact, light and streamlined – for a wide range of applications in industrial manufacturing.

Maximum freedom

The robots open up previously inaccessible workspaces: they can cover long distances, with an extremely large workspace to the rear and a long downward reach.

Maximum flexibility

Install the KR CYBERTECH nano industrial robots on the floor, wall or ceiling, or at any other angle – for a wide range of different requirement profiles in any desired installation position.

Best service

KUKA quality is evident in every detail: benefit from the 24-hour hotline with technical experts, our advanced remote diagnostic tools and full-service support from implementation through to training.

Most streamlined in-line wrist

With an interference radius of just 67 millimeters, the KR CYBERTECH nano handling robots have the smallest in-line wrist in their class – worldwide. It enables work to be carried out in positions that are inaccessible for other robots.


  • Handling for other machines
  • Plastics processing machines
  • Measuring, testing and inspection
  • Palletizing
  • Forging plants
  • Other handling operations
  • Cutting machine tools
  • Packaging and order picking
  • Soldering
  • Arc welding
  • Application of adhesives and sealants
  • Machining
  • Inserting, mounting
  • Other assembly/disassembly operations


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