MWR-85 T

MWR-85 T


  • Drive : 9×12 mm
  • EC standard : EN 62311:2008, ETSI EN 300 220-2, ETSI EN 301 489-3
  • EU directives : 2014/53/EU
  • Function : Click wrench
  • IC ID : 21556-MWR
  • KC certified : Yes
  • Length : 307 mm
  • Material contains a battery : Yes
  • Torque range max : 62.7 ft lb
  • Torque range max : 85 Nm
  • Torque range min : 12.5 ft lb
  • Torque range min : 17 Nm
  • Type of battery : 6 Ni-MH
  • WEEE : 9 – Monitoring and Control Instruments
  • Weight : 0.63 kg
  • Weight : 1.38 lb
  • Weight of battery : 5 g

Rapid Repair

Saves time, costs and inconvenience!
Boomerang, hand
Is your productivity suffering from expensive and unpredictable tool repair costs, high administration costs and long turnaround times?

The solution is RapidRepair!

Let us take care of the entire repair cycle, from your door to our door and back again, with the shortest possible turnaround times. With RapidRepair your damaged electric or pneumatic tools are quickly repaired and back in production with minimum administration, cost and inconvenience. Try it, you’ll be impressed by how easy it is and the savings in time and costs.

RapidRepair is a stand-alone service product. However, we would recommend a ToolCover preventive maintenance program, such as ToolCover Protect, ahead of a repair program, because this will give considerably lower total tool costs.

If you have ToolCover Protect, you have access to RapidRepair. Simply order it as a complementary product.

Like all our Service products, RapidRepair can be tailored to your specific needs.

Want to know more? Contact us today.

Tool Cover Uptime

Maximum productivity and peace of mind
Large assembly operation? We understand how expensive downtime can be.
ToolCover Uptime keeps your line up and running at all times by giving you on-site support tailored to your real-time production needs, all at a fixed total cost for the contract period.
ToolCover Uptime includes:

  • On-site tool management, administration, and support.
    • Optimized preventive maintenance and calibration cycles, tailored to your real-time production needs.
    • Spare parts and repairs, with fastest possible turnaround time.
    • Full KPI (Key Performance Indicators) transparency, tracking program effectiveness.
    • Reports with cost savings proposals.
    • On-site recommendations for productivity improvements.
    • Fixed budget offering with total cost control.
    • All the benefits of our ToolCover Stability and Protect packages.
    • Optional tailored add-on modules.

For your operation this all adds up to maximum uptime, optimized product quality, reduced data loss, and lowest total cost of tool ownership.

ToolCover Uptime is our premium ToolCover product.

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Tool Cover Stability

Optimize your tools and minimize your costs
Frequent line stoppages, unforeseen increases in repair and downtime costs, unnecessarily high spare parts and tools inventory…recognize these problems?
Tailored to your specific production needs, ToolCover Stability is an optimized tool care plan which ensures tool reliability while minimizing your maintenance costs.
ToolCover Stability includes:

  • Preventive maintenance and calibration cycles based on your actual tool usage, which drastically reduces the need for repairs (optimized preventive maintenance).
    • Repairs and spare parts.
    • Shorter turnaround times with priority workshop access.
    • Tool measurement according to Key Performance Indicators, with efficiency improvement reports.
    • Fixed budget with total control over your costs including repairs for the contract period,
    • Warranty throughout the contract period.

ToolCover Stability gives you longer equipment lifetime, improved end-product quality, higher productivity and lower total cost of tool ownership.

Tool Cover Stability is our mid-range ToolCover product. For the ultimate peace of mind see ToolCover Uptime. If you want to know more, please contact us.

Tool Cover Protect

Get the most out of your tools
Your tools are valuable investments and it pays to take good care of them. ToolCover Protect is a service agreement designed to minimize online failures, reduce and fix your maintenance costs, and improve your overall productivity.
ToolCover Protect includes:

  • Planned preventive maintenance and calibration once a year for each tool.
    • Extended warranty.
    • Discount on spare parts for all your Middle East tools*.
    • Key Performance Indicator reports highlighting potential future issues.

ToolCover Protect also includes optional access to our RapidRepair program.
It pays to have your tools maintained by the original manufacturer. At Middle East, our maintenance and tool calibration processes are based on our exclusive knowledge of our own tools and user data from customers around the world.

Protect is our basic ToolCover product. For even more peace of mind see also ToolCover Stability and ToolCover Uptime.

Contact us for more information.

* Cannot be combined with other pre-existing offerings, promotions or discounts.

ResultScan: Lowest cost, highest quality

With ResultScan we validate your process by detecting tightening errors during production. We analyze the data generated by your tools after two hundred tightening cycles and create a report with recommendations for process improvements.

If the application can’t be optimized or stabilized in an acceptable way it is often due to quality variations in parts or bolts and a different strategy is needed.
We have service engineers as well tightening labs for deeper analysis to support you.

ResultScan can increase your product quality and reduce rework, warranty and recall costs. It will also reduce your risk of liability claims and reputation damages.

EasyStart – Right first time saves time and money

experienced Middle East certified technician at start-up ensures fast, professional problem solving.EasyStart offers lower set-up costs and reduced set-up time.

We calibrate your tools from day one, check actual tightening results on the joints, and train your operators to get to get optimum results from your Middle East tooling and software. Getting it right first time means shorter time to market with your manufactured product.

The standard EasyStart package can be customized by adding advanced tightening strategies, additional program sets, accessories, and physical controller set up.